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Elle Geraghty Content Strategy was founded in 2013 in Sydney, Australia in response to the growing need for an overarching strategic view of content and communication in digital ecosystems. 

The consultancy specialises in big digital redesign projects, including information architecture and content modelling in transport, tech, education, media, the arts, government and more.

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 Photo credit: Felicity Ieraci

Photo credit: Felicity Ieraci

About Elle 

Elle has worked with content for over 15 years as a content strategist, information architect, analyst and radio producer. She takes an evidence-based approach to content strategy, using research and analytics to link the needs of users and authors with business objectives. 

Elle thrives in tight teams with product owners, designers and devs creating awesome user experiences. Organising teams and content is her main source of professional meaning. Elle has a Masters in Knowledge and Information Management from UTS and a BA in Communication (Journalism) from CSU. Elle says that "Content strategy is the key to every great digital project".

Leadership and community

Elle founded the Sydney Content Strategy meetup because coming together and talking about content strategy is one of the best ways to get better at it, both for individuals and for the practice as a whole. The meetup has been running for over six years and has been very successful in promoting the value of content strategy.

Elle is a also a regular presenter at conferences, workshops and panels and runs regular public and private training programs.

 The November 2017 Sydney Content Strategy Meetup. Photo credit: Elle Geraghty

The November 2017 Sydney Content Strategy Meetup. Photo credit: Elle Geraghty