Content strategy approach

Content Strategy is a multi disciplinary practice which incorporates the principles of human centered design, design strategy, project management and library science. In addition to the technical skills inherent in these disciplines, Elle Geraghty takes the following approach.

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I experiment, I try new things, I ask questions, I make guesses and I watch people do things. I put these guesses and assumptions to the test. I look for trends and I describe themes. I want to know what is going on and why.


I find order out of confusion. I seek problems that can be untangled. I like patterns and I like categorising. I love to organise, be it content, assets, people, events or photos. I analyse and interpret data. I make evidence-based decisions. I expect tenacious focus on what is most important. I am a straight talker. I think a reduction of content is a great way to get clarity.

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I draw out the achievements of other people through formal management pathways and leadership opportunities. I use narrative and exploratory questioning to understand people. I provide them with a framework and incentive to articulate and act on their objectives.

I help people see what they need to do.


I am constantly learning. I seek out experts, books, websites, classes and meetups to learn more. I love learning with other people and dedicate time to be with people who know things about stuff. Learning and teaching mingle - I learn as I teach and vice versa. I expect to learn at every engagement and it is learning that gives me meaning and satisfaction. I founded the Sydney Content Strategy meetup to facilitate learning and sharing.

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A sustainability plan is integral to what I do. Will it be sustainable over time? Do you have the right people to make it happen? Do you have the funds to see it through? Does your business value it? What is possible given your current restraints? Is it worth it? I know when to say “No”, provide a meaningful explanation, and encourage focus on what really needs to be done.