The magic blogging value triangle

Why blog?

Small businesses face pressure to create a big fat pipe of content to attract new customers and keep them coming back. We know blog content is super important for SEO and marketing, but it’s not always realistic or pragmatic considering the costs of creating content and the risks when you get it wrong.

But there are two other reasons blogging makes a lot of sense which help tip the scales.

Firstly, blogging shows customers how you think, what you value and what work you are expert in. This ‘show don't tell’ strategy is compelling. And secondly, blogging helps refine your thinking on a subject, using writing to help you reflect and learn more about your area of expertise.

Together these three rationale make a really strong value triangle for blogging.

The magic blogging value triangle

  • Promote

  • Demonstrate

  • Refine

Elle Geraghty Content Strategy Magic blogging value triangle.png


Most of us understand why we need to blog for promotion reasons. Shareable, and findable content is a great way to entice customers and help turn them into repeat visitors.


Rather than saying “I am great at what I do”, you can provide case studies, tutorials and summaries which actually demonstrate you are great at what you do. This is a great opportunity to show, rather than tell :)


Reflection is a tried and true way to enhance your thinking and improve your practice. The more you write about your subject the better you will be at describing it for different audiences. Writing helps to understand nuances and identify connections to other concepts and practises.

Where to blog

I recommend blogging on your own site as opposed to a distribution site like Medium. Why? Content is a vitally valuable commodity - the only commodity for some businesses like educators and the media - and not one to give away free to another company.

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