Content Canvas PDF

As a content strategist I am always looking for ways to make my practise more accessible, more concrete and more easily understood. The Content Canvas is a great tool to ground high-end strategic thinking and make it more apparent to your broader team.

Since publishing the Content Canvas back in 2016 I have had many requests for a PDF version to make it easier to apply. So finally, here it is :) I’d love to see images and hear stories about how you are using it :)

Content Canvas - Elle Geraghty Content Strategy.png


Don’t forget your hypothesis! If you are making a change - why? What is the point and how will you measure if it worked or not?

Hypothesis - content canvas - Elle Geraghty Content Strategy.png

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You can read about the how to use the Content Canvas, its origins and its limitations at the original Content Canvas post.

If you would like to learn how to use the Content Canvas at your workplace please get in touch.