Case study: Australian Museum

I feel very privileged to have worked with Australia's oldest museum and see some of the fascinating behind the scenes action in laboratories, workshops and storerooms. With 18 million objects in their collection the Australian Museum's website is the perfect tool to amplify the scientific and cultural work done there. 

Australian_Museum copy.jpg

As part of the website redesign I created a content strategy, new IA, content model and migration plan focussing on three main user archetypes. In addition I provided project continuity by collaborating with design partners - internal and external.

It was a great project given the fascinating nature of the museum’s content. Findings from interviews I conducted with over 40 internal stakeholders in addition to awesome customer research and insights from Meld Studios meant senior stakeholders were delighted to sign off on my recommendations.

The design agency we partnered with brought in a SEO agency to validate their design decisions. The SEO agency also had capacity to look a the IA I produced and made some excellent recommendations based on keyword volume which provided yet another level of robustness to the final IA. I will always include a SEO wash in my IA’ where possible going forward.

Identifying and sorting current state templates

Identifying and sorting current state templates