Training and workshops

Presenting a workshop on site purpose in 2018. Photo by Nick Evans

Presenting a workshop on site purpose in 2018. Photo by Nick Evans

Are you looking to enhance your personal or team capabilities in content strategy, website redesign or information architecture?

Chose from the following hands-on training workshops to help you gain confidence and boost your productivity by practising key digital transformation methods. 

Customised training options for your team are also available. Please get in contact to organise a private workshop with a min of six people :)

Workshop options

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Content strategy

Why learn content strategy?

Content strategy is one of the most critical disciplines in modern digital transformation.
The core substance of any digital offering is content - and the ability to plan, manage and govern the systems that lead to excellent content experience are getting more and more important.

At the end of this training workshop you will:

  • Understand fundamental content strategy theory

  • Know essential inputs and outputs of high quality content strategy

  • Have practised three main content strategy crafting activities

    • Mapping content journeys

    • Crafting a strategy document

    • Crafting governance and workflow guidelines

Who is this for?

  • Anyone looking to improve their content strategy skills

  • Open to beginner and intermediate practitioners

Venue: Various CBD locations

Half day, full day and two day workshops are available.

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Information architecture

Why learn IA?

The way we arrange content on a website is very important for wayfinding and comprehension.
The core substance of any digital offering is content, which means the ability to arrange, prioritise and categorise that content - information architecture - is an increasingly important skill. Awesome user experience comes from awesome content experience.

At the end of this training workshop you will:

  • Understand fundamental IA theory

  • Know essential inputs and outputs of high quality IA

  • Have practised three main IA building activities

    • Crafting user journeys

    • Card sorting

    • Treejack testing

Who is this for?

  • Anyone looking to improve their IA skills

  • Open to beginner and intermediate practitioners

Venue: Various CBD locations

Full day and two day workshops are available

The Content Canvas.png

The Content Canvas

Why learn about the Content Canvas?

Balancing the needs of business and users in a fast-paced content production environment can be tricky. The content canvas is a tool Elle Geraghty devised at Atlassian to help keep these critical considerations at the top of mind. With heritage in Netlife’s Core Model and Alex Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas, the content canvas helps you create the best content in a world with limited resources and big expectations.

At the end of this training workshop you will:

  • Know what the Content Canvas is

  • Be able to decide when you should use it and when you should not

  • Have practised using the Canvas in a couple of different ways

    Who is this for?

    • Anyone looking to improve their strategic content skills

    • Open to beginner and intermediate practitioners

    Venue: Various CBD locations

    Half day and full day workshops are available

Photo by Felicity Ieraci

Photo by Felicity Ieraci

About your presenter

Elle Geraghty is one of Australia's most well-known Content Strategists. She is an international speaker and coach who has been working in content strategy for over ten years. She has helped organisations like Qantas, the Art Gallery of NSW, IAG, the Australian Museum, Atlassian and Sydney University improve their content strategy. She runs the Sydney Content Strategy meetup and is dedicated to raising the profile of content strategy in Australia. She has a Certificate 4 in workplace training and assessment in addition to a BA and Masters in communication and knowledge management respectively.

Sydney 2018. Photo by Elle Geraghty

Sydney 2018. Photo by Elle Geraghty

Book a customised workshop for your team

Please get in touch for your in-house customised training with a minimum of six people.

I also offer a two day information architecture class for businesses and agencies kicking off a website redesign project.

Private workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and your home town are available + travel costs. Book your in-house class any time!

Melbourne 2018. Photo by Elle Geraghty

Melbourne 2018. Photo by Elle Geraghty


  • Duration: Full day workshop - 9:30am - 4:45pm

  • Location: At your workplace or various CBD locations

  • Cost: Full day workshop $770 per person including GST

  • Number of attendees will be six - 20. The class may be cancelled with a full refund if minimum numbers are not enrolled.

Convince your boss to let you go

Canberra 2018. Photo by anonymous volunteer

Canberra 2018. Photo by anonymous volunteer

Looking for help writing an email to your boss? Look no further :)

Dear Boss, 

As you know (insert either CS or IA blurb from course description above).  I know we have been trying to lift our internal capability in this area so I am stoked to see that one of Australia's most well known content strategists, Elle Geraghty has a one day training workshop on it.

I would love to go to this course as I know it will be great opportunity for me to practise some of the skills we have been talking about me developing and to take our digital offering to the next level. I'll be able to take notes and replay my key learnings to the team.

Here are all the details including cost, location and what I will learn (link to the Eventbrite page of your preferred course(s)). 

Can I use the corporate card to sign up now as tickets are selling fast and I don't want to lose out. We can also pay by invoice if that works better.

Thanks for considering :)

Your normal sign off




The content strategy workshop was a great day. It was instructive to work with other people facing some very different content challenges from the ones at my own org, and Elle was a really knowledgeable and experienced facilitator who had lots of practical strategies for assessing content and mapping audience journeys that I'll be sharing with my team.

The workshop would benefit everyone who makes decisions about content at a strategic level and would be a practical help to anyone who needs to produce a content strategy document. Recommend.

Siobahn Donohoe - Digital content specialist, Choice


Our staff attended Elle's Content Strategy workshop in preparation for a large website redevelopment project involving thousands of pages of content and we came away from the training with some crucial tactics and processes that set us up for success. Elle explains the high-level concepts for digital strategy all the way down to the nitty-gritty techniques for doing the work.

Peter Cossey - Principal Consultant, This Little Duck


I feel like I didn’t really understand my own job as content strategist until I had finished a workshop with Elle! She is a brilliant, warm and wise facilitator whose passion is contagious. I now know exactly what I need to do and how I need to do it and I have the motivation to make it happen – thanks Elle!

Dahna McConnachie - Content strategisT, IP Australia


Elle is so knowledgeable about content strategy and gives you such a great overview of the area. It makes you feel excited about the possibilities for your own organisation and for your own career! She's very encouraging and enthusiastic and seems to get a thrill out of sharing her knowledge.

Esha Thaper - Content Marketing Specialist, 1Cover

elle geraghty content strategy - 1.jpg

I recently attended one of Elle's workshops and I came out wanting to immerse myself in everything content strategy! She's a fantastic facilitator that creates a safe and friendly space to really engage in discussions and activities. Her passion for this subject is infectious and it left me wanting more! Very inspirational day. Thanks Elle!

Amy Laker - Lead Digital Experience Officer, Department of Family and Community Services (NSW)

grant doyle.jpeg

It's one thing to be an industry expert; it's another thing entirely to communicate that insight and experience with passion and patience. This is where Elle excels. Her workshops are brilliantly conducted and highly engaging. You come away with the clarity and confidence to tackle all things 'content strategy'.



I recently attended Elle's content strategy and information architecture workshops to develop my skills in these areas. They were incredibly valuable, not only building my confidence in what I was already doing, but also providing me with a more holistic view of content in areas such as governance and workflow. I can now add value to my clients and apply the lessons to my own business. Elle is a fun and passionate teacher, supporting every concept with real-life examples and making time for everyone in the room. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Sarah Morton - Freelance SEO Copywriter & Content Strategist


Elle’s warmth and wit makes it easy to learn and absorb the complexities of content strategy. The course left me wanting to know more, feeling confident and realising this is an area that I could work in. I hadn’t realised that Elle was also telling us quite a bit about the technical side of content strategy until I read over my notes on the weekend – it all seemed so natural and clear. It was also great to realise that content strategy can be a creative, human and positive process for everyone involved. Thanks, Elle, for a full, inspiring and very useful day of learning.

Theresa Willsteed - Content Officer at Office of Environment and Heritage (NSW), National Parks and Wildlife Services


I was lucky enough to attend Elle's IA training day in Canberra a couple of weeks ago (first one in Canberra, hooray!). Elle is very knowledgeable, very practical, and very honest: a winning combination. It was excellent to be guided through using some of Elle's favourite IA tools and how they fit into her workflow. She has a warm and engaging personal style, which put our group at ease very early on, and cracker content, as is only fitting!

Anneke Myers - Freelance PROOFREADER and editor


I recently did the Information Architecture training with Elle because even though I have had many discussions (and debates) about IA in the past I have never done formal training. This was such a practical and hands on workshop which has armed me with the tools and knowledge I need to have more persuasive discussions about IA in the future. Totally brilliant and you would be crazy not to go to one.

Dahna McConnachie - Content strategisT, IP Australia


I attended Elle’s Content Strategy workshop recently and found it very useful. Her passion for the subject combined with her extraordinary presentation skills make the course very enjoyable!

Devi Santhanam - Communications Officer, Tax Practitioners Board


Elle's industry experience combined with her own personable nature make this workshop highly informative and enjoyable. Plenty of nuggets of gold to get you inspired and motivated!

Fabian McDonald - Design Lead, The Interaction Consortium


Elle’s passion for Information Architecture is obvious and infectious. Her knowledge of the latest online tools that exist to help ‘web people’ make better websites is incredibly valuable. Elle is a down-to-earth and fun presenter and her AI workshop is well worth attending. I can’t wait to attend Elle’s Content Strategy workshop.

Kirrilee McManus - Digital Communications Officer, Kiama Municipal Council

Rachel Bailey.jpeg

Elle's appetite for digital is palpable. Her enthusiasm infectious. Her depth of knowledge impressive. She had us looking up, leaning in, thinking and acting like strategists. Elle's a master of rapidly assessing individual workshop participant's needs and making them front and centre of her training.

Rachael Bailey - Senior Digital Content Manager and Writer

Dan Pulham.jpeg

Content Strategy is the new Digital Strategy!

And if you don't have a Content Strategy aligned to your organisational goals and structure then anything to do with Elle is a great place to start.

Content Strategy is more than digital marketing, it's about the language you use to engage customers and empower your staff with content they're proud to use in support of those customers.

Elle provides a highly engaging atmosphere to understand how to define, deliver and sell the importance of Content Strategy at all levels of your organisation.

Highly recommended!


Tori Sanderson.jpeg

I can’t overstate how wonderful Elle’s training workshop was. She is a talented facilitator and helpfully tailored her advice and strategies to each of our individual contexts. The workshop was really practical and I was could use the tools and strategies for my own clients straight away.

Tori Sanderson - Managing consultant, Pragma Partners


Elle’s teaching style is inspiring. She is a practicing expert continuously honing and validating her knowledge. Her classes are engaging. She facilitates with authority and humility, encouraging laughter and camaraderie. You’ll want to participate. And you’ll remember the exercises. You’ll leave Elle’s class fuelled, on a mission and feeling brave.

RUTH MCAFEE, User Experience specialist